During my time at Article, I designed brand materials including postcards, gift cards, and information flyers. As the work I did was in-house, we had to strongly keep to the brand guidelines whilst giving each design a new idea.

Holiday post card for Article.

Holiday post card for Article.

Final Mile Giftcard for the client and their friend.

Final Mile Giftcard for the client and their friend.


Student Cookbook

The Student Cookbook is produced each year by Arc UNSW. In 2014, I volunteered to do the graphic design. I designed the layout and created some of the illustrations. The concept behind this years edition was ‘Simple Recipes to Impress.’ This is reflected in the design, through the sophisticated, yet easy accessible layout.



Silver Chef

For Silver Chef, I designed sign-up forms for their ‘This One’s On Us’ Campaign, which have been designed to be used both digitally and printed.


hi! - Health Information for You

‘hi! - Health Information for You’ is a proposed redesign for medication information, the current presentation of medication information is poor and combined with low health literacy, it is a 'prescription' for disaster. The redesign aims to close the gap between the skills of patients and the skills needed to access and use medication information.



Whitney & Andrew

Wedding stationary design for Whitney & Andrew. The concept was based on Whitney’s wedding bouquet and the bridesmaids dresses.



Whitney Tobin

Poster design to promote Whitney’s extensive muaythai career.


Sydney Writers’ Festival

Explore New Worlds is the proposed print promotion for Sydney Writers’ Festival 2016. The concept behind the campaign is that books are a way to discover into new worlds, to escape the current reality and to imagine what is possible. Reading a book is one of the easiest way to imagine yourself in a new world, whether this is a fictional or a real place.