Valerie Bohle Music

Brand design for Valerie’s piano school, including a logo, business cards, invoices and email signature. Valerie owns a cat, which will often be around when the piano lessons are held, so naturally he had to be part of the logo. The logo has a friendly and welcoming nature, which aligns with the piano school’s vision.


Laura Harvey Photography

Brand design for Laura Harvey, a music, fashion and portrait photographer based in Vancouver, Canada. The logo is based on Laura’s initials, but also portraits the right angles of photography.


Link Sports

Rebranding for Link Sports, an Australian bicycle (product) importer. Link Sports’ new logo has a corporate look which suits the company size, but still reminds you in a subtle way of their product.


Yolanda Schmidt

Brand design for Yolanda Schmidt, a professional Muaythai fighter. Yolanda is based in Australia, but comes originally from South Africa. The logo combines her origin, her fight name, as well as elements from Muaythai itself. Besides the logo, I designed a t-shirt, which aimed to help Yolanda fundraise for the Muaythai World Games.

RSPCA Australia

Rebranding for RSPCA Australia. The proposed new identity reflects the friendly, welcoming and simple characteristics of the company. The symbol consists of two animals, a tail of a whale, representing the water world, and a dog, representing those who live on land. The two outlines of the animals flow into each other, just like the RSPCA flows in all parts of the animal world. (The rebrand was done was part of university assignment, and received a high distinction).


Fat Cat Cider

Brand design for Fat Cat Cider. Fat Cat Cider is a cider brand inspired by the lazy-ness and comfort of a fat cat well known to me. But everyone knows a (fat) cat who rather lays around on the couch enjoying a couple of drinks than undertaking activities. Enjoy Fat Cat with friends.